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LMU Klinikum München- Campus Großhadern

LMU Klinikum München- Campus Großhadern

Facility specializing in: Orthopedics
Index / License: Silver Index, Knee Index
The Faculty of Medicine consists of the University Hospital, located in both Großhadern and downtown Munich, the preclinical and academic facilities, and the clinical-theoretical facilities. It is the largest medical training institution in southern Germany. With the Medical Curriculum Munich (MeCuM-LMU) the medical faculty has established new forms of teaching and learning for the study of medicine. The faculty has also achieved an international reputation and standard in both academic and clinical work, as illustrated by the amount of outside funding it has attracted for Collaborative Research Centers, postgraduate Research Training Groups, research units, and national and international joint projects.


Campus Großhadern, Marchioninistr. 15, 81377 München
Ph: +49 89 21800



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