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Centro di Riabilitazione Motoria di Volterra – INAIL

Spezialisierung des Zentrums: Orthopädie

Volterra (PI)
via Borgo San Lazzero, 5
56048 - Italia‎
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Centro di Riabilitazione Motoria Inail, Volterra, certified ISO 9001-2008 and accredited at the Tuscany Health Center - Servizio Sanitario Regione Toscana, provides intensive extra-hospital rehabilitation services for patients injured at work and / or technopaths and for SSN patients with traumatological or orthopedic diseases in the post-acute phase. The patient is taken care of by the multidisciplinary team of the CRM (composed of primary physiatrist, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologist and social worker) through the drafting of the Individualized Rehabilitation Project, which is shared with the patient himself and defined according to his needs, his impairment, his residual and recoverable abilities. The intensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation intervention is aimed not only at functional recovery in the basic ADL but also at the recovery of the working gesture and of the occupational attitude. The main pathologies treated are the polytrauma, the fractures of the limbs and rachis, the complex traumas of the limbs, the surgical reconstructions of the tendons of the hand, ligament reconstruction of the knee and shoulder, arthroprostheses, peripheral nerve lesions and vertebral medullary traumas after the series of treatments in the Spinal Units. Thanks to the skills of the nursing staff it is possible to manage patients with serious reduction of motor and personal autonomy, pressure injuries and difficult injuries. The physiotherapy staff of CRM is constantly updated and trained for the most accredited rehabilitation techniques. They have the latest technology and are therefore able to conduct highly effective functional rehabilitation programs, with constant attention to the emotional and motivational components of the therapeutic relationship.

Warum hunova und wie Technologie im Zentrum verwendet wird

Centro di Riabilitazione Motoria INAIL, Volterra owns a hunova, thanks to a scientific collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology first and with Movendo Tecnology later on, both with the aim to promote the technological innovation in rehabilitation. It is precisely in this project that the idea of Hunova took shape and continued to be supported by the Volterra rehabilitation team until the complete development of the device. The mission of the Centro di Riabilitazione Motoria INAIL in Volterra is to take the injured people back to an active life, with the highest level of performance compatible with the damage suffered; in cases of traumatic injuries to the lower limbs and / or trunk the recovery of proprioception and dynamic postural stability is a crucial phase of the rehabilitation process. Hunova allows therapists to selectively train balance, joint stability and postural control, even under dynamic conditions of destabilization appropriately dosed and controlled, while supporting patients and therapists throughout the rehabilitation process: from the recovery of body perception and simple control of movements to retraining complex motor gestures and postural structures, which make up the routine for the activities of everyday life. hunova is a powerful and versatile tool that allows the patient and the therapist to make the proprioceptive and motor training intensive, accurate and task-oriented, with highly customizable programs and the possibility to document the degree of recovery thanks to the measurement of the main quantitative parameters related to motor performance.


Health Director and Primary Physiatrist
Paolo Catiti
Medical Staff:
Elisa Taglione
Ilaria Creatini
Domenico Di Mambro
Mauro Marcello
Annarita Mirarchi
Responsible for physiotherapy activities:
Elena Bardini
Ketty Del Testa
Sara Grandi
Responsible for nursing activities:
Elena Niccolai
Eva Caracciolo

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