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Gruppo Korian – Villa delle Terme, presidio Marconi

Spezialisierung des Zentrums: Orthopädie

Firenze ()
Via Giovan Battista Amici, 1
50131 - Italy
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Case di Cura Villa delle Terme are part of the Korian Group, leader in the fanno parte del Gruppo Korian, leader in the healthcare and social-health care sector, present in France, Belgium, Germany and Italy with over 700 facilities and around 70.000 beds. Case di Cura Villa delle Terme provide high-quality services in the geriatric and rehabilitation fields, orthopedics and neurology, both in hospitalization and in outpatient situations. Presidio Marconi is also specialized in the area of intensive extra-hospital orthopedic rehabilitation with direct taking of patients from hospital departments and outpatient activities. Case di Cura Villa delle Terme Case di Cura are accredited with the National and Regional Health Service, but can also accommodate Patients privately. Located in Via Giovan Battista Amici, 1 in Florence, it has 38 beds distributed in rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning and also carries out outpatient rehabilitation activities. The nursing home, enlarged and renovated in 2016, is located in the south-west area of the city.

Warum hunova und wie Technologie im Zentrum verwendet wird

Since January 2017 hunova has been installed in the Marconi facility. This device has its strengths in the new mechatronic technology in response to the needs of patients treated, specifically:

  • the possibility to evaluate, before and after treatment, the progress made during the rehabilitation thanks to measurable data
  • create a personalized rehabilitation cycle thanks to each patient's capabilities
  • fasten the functional recovery and help the patient return to the daily routine faster
  • transform the rehabilitation cycle in an engaging experience for the patient


Health Director Dott.ssa Maria Cristiana Ricci
Specialist in Geriatrics - Medical Director Dott. Mario Lino
Specialist in Physical Medicine - Responsible for the Rehabilitation U.O. Dott. Giovanni Bei
Specialist in Orthopedics Dott. Fabio Scrobe
Assistant to the Physical Medicine Doctor Dott.ssa Beatrice Cialdi
Physioterapists Coordinator Dott. Lorenzo Pasquini
Rehabilitation Team 6 physioterapists and 1 speech therapist

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