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The robotic support to the physiotherapist that is both intuitive and easy to use

huno focuses on the orthopedic treatment of trunk, hip, knee and anckle. Thanks to the mechatronic platform and to the force and position sensors, the system provides a personalized and selective treatment, offering the highest quality standards.

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Orthopedic Treatment

huno focuses on the orthopedic treatment of trunk, hip, knee and anckle. Thanks to the mechatronic platform and to the force and position sensors, the system provides a personalized and selective treatment, offering the highest quality standards.

TRUNK: Low back pain, Back related pathologies, Lumbar stabilization, Spinal surgery, Vertebral fracture
HIPS: Prosthesis, Fracture, Tendinopathy
KNEE: ACL reconstruction, Prosthesis, Tibial plateaus fracture, Cruciate ligament distortion, Meniscopathy, Meniscectomy, Patellofemoral syndrome
ANKLE: Distortion, Prosthesis, Achilles tendon rupture, Arthroscopy, Achilles tendinopathy
TOTAL BODY: Dizzy pathologies, Elongation, Contracture, Muscle tearing

huno multiple configurations

huno supports exercises in standing position, with bipoidalic and monopodalic load and exercises seated position with discrete load control. huno is available with a modular structure to integrate additional accessories, exercises and evaluations to use advanced rehabilitation approaches in multiple fields.

Rehabilitation Process

huno integrates evaluation and rehabilitation in a consistent progression that constantly monitor improvements and corrections to be taken.

Performance Optimization

huno directly measures the person biomechanical parameters and creates dedicated stimuli and perturbations to maximize the functional recovery and reduce the intervention time. The functional indexes together with normality range identify where additional work is needed and where to intervene. huno suggests the optimal rehabilitation process to improve the performance

Early and fast rehabilitation

huno implements the concept of early and fast rehabilitation because, thanks to the robotics, it is possible to anticipate the rehabilitation intervention after a trauma or a surgical procedure (LCA, meniscectomia, frattura degli arti inferiori, protesi di anca-ginocchio-caviglia, tendine di Achille, distorsioni di caviglia, ecc) to promote faster and better functional recovery.

Personalized Rehabilitation

huno suggests the treatment difficulty level adapted to the user capabilities. The operator can also easily change the parameters. This personalized rehabilitation takes advantage of more than 150 exercises developed following the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) international guidelines.

Automatic Real Time Report

huno stores the entire rehabilitation progression and generates dedicated reports that show the user functional condition monitoring during each session the parameters that need to be modified and corrected.

Artificial Intelligence and big data

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, huno calculates accurate biomechanical and clinical parameters to customize the rehabilitation and training process. The Artificial Intelligence applied within huno software modifies in real time the difficulty levels during the exercise adapting it to the specific user response and performance. The rehabilitation and training result always with the right intensity and never boring.


The user controls the avatars generated on the screen during the gaming activities with different body areas and joints (ankle, knee, trunk, hip). huno, thanks to the interactive games motivates and encourage the user to reach the goals and score higher results, accelarating the recovery and transforming the therapeutic exercise into entertaining activities.

Fast Track “Touch and go”

Thanks to the software installed in the robotic system huno, the physiotherapist implements the therapeutic programs that the patient can perform in full autonomy, relieving the therapist from the continuous supervision of the correct execution of the exercises. The Fast Track allows for an immediate access to predefined programs for an independent and immediate use of the technology by the patient.

Biofeedback and Dual Task

The biofeedback generated on multiple levels (audio, video and proprioceptive) support the user to create voluntary motor response with an important training effect. Dual task activities train simultaneously the sensor-motor activity developing coordination, and integration, both fundamental for the athletic task.

huno s

huno performs rehabilitation and training in multiple areas. At any moment is possible to request the upgrade to huno s, thanks to the modular structure of huno and the integration of the optional robotic seat which extends the utilization of the device toward neurological applications.

huno s support additional exercises and evaluations in the orthopedic and sport fields and fully cover the neurological area leveraging simultaneously but also independently the robotic seat and the robotic platform to target core strengthening, stability and coordination.

Finally, huno s supports isometric and isotonic exercises focused on the spine to interact earlier during the first phases of rehabilitation that involve the trunk, balance and coordination in the seated position.

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