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Movendo Technology


Continuous development of protocols

« Movendo Technology continues to innovate in clinical applications thanks to its collaboration with its network of clinical partners globally. It continuously develops new rehabilitation protocols covering assessment and intervention in orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, and sport. Thanks to its modular nature, the hardware platform makes it possible to consistently adapt to new protocols. »

Carlo Sanfilippo, COO & Co-Founder of Movendo Technology

Usage areas

Orthopedics and sports rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of ankles, knees, hips, and the lumbar region of the spine
Passive mobilization, muscle strengthening, proprioception, postural control, and balance.


Functional retraining, postural control, balance, and proprioception.
Rehabilitation following stroke, degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, and injury to the peripheral nervous system.


Fall risk assessment
Postural control, proprioception and balance, joint mobilization.
Rehabilitation following prosthetic implant

The hunova rehabilitation protocols

Protocol nameOrthopedicsNeurologyGeriatrics
Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis – Left and Rightaa
ACL reconstruction – Left and Righta
Ankle sprain in inversion grade II – Left and Rightaa
Core stabilitya
Hip fracture with fixation devices – Left and Rightaa
Hip prosthesis – Left and Rightaa
Load Asymmetry – Left and Righta
Low back painaa
Lumbar relaxationaa
Reactive postural responsesa
Reathletization – Left and Rightaa
Sit to standaa
Stability and verticality limitsaa
Total knee replacement – Left and Rightaa
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