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Algorithm Drives Post Covid Rehabilitation

Algorithm Drives Post Covid Rehabilitation

  • Il Sole24Ore - 3 November 2021

New technologies make it possible to parameterize patient problems analytically. This is what is reported in the article of Il Sole 24 Ore of today November 3. Robotic technologies to…

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Artificial Intelligence Predicts Elderly Falls

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Elderly Falls

  • Pharma Kronos - 15 September 2020

An Artificial intelligence algorithm – the silver index, developed with the hunova robot – able to predict “with the highest accuracy the risk of the elderly falling by simultaneously measuring…

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The Robot Friend Of The Elderly

The robot friend of the elderly

  • Corriere Innovazione - 31 July 2020

hunova by Movendo Technology was tested at the Galliera Hospital in Genoa on a group of over 65 to predict and prevent falls, and it works.The article is in Italian.

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The Magical Room To Avoid Accidents

The magical room to avoid accidents

  • Il Secolo XIX - 1 August 2019

From Ospedali Galliera we have received another good news. “We have conducted a clinical study with 150 elderly patients using the robotic device hunova which allows to integrate the clinical…

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Silver Index Presentation

Silver index presentation

  • Il Secolo XIX - 13 June 2019

On the occasion of the Silver Economy Forum, Movendo Technology presents a preview of the silver index, a diagnostic predictive test of only 20 minutes that, in an objective way,…

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