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Artificial Intelligence Predicts Elderly Falls

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Elderly Falls

  • Pharma Kronos - 15 September 2020

An Artificial intelligence algorithm – the silver index, developed with the hunova robot – able to predict “with the highest accuracy the risk of the elderly falling by simultaneously measuring…

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The Robot Friend Of The Elderly

The robot friend of the elderly

  • Corriere Innovazione - 31 July 2020

hunova by Movendo Technology was tested at the Galliera Hospital in Genoa on a group of over 65 to predict and prevent falls, and it works.The article is in Italian.

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The Magical Room To Avoid Accidents

The magical room to avoid accidents

  • Il Secolo XIX - 1 August 2019

From Ospedali Galliera we have received another good news. “We have conducted a clinical study with 150 elderly patients using the robotic device hunova which allows to integrate the clinical…

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Silver Index Presentation

Silver index presentation

  • Il Secolo XIX - 13 June 2019

On the occasion of the Silver Economy Forum, Movendo Technology presents a preview of the silver index, a diagnostic predictive test of only 20 minutes that, in an objective way,…

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