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The IIT spin-off that trains the Olympians athletes

  • Corriere Innovazione - 30 November 2018
The IIT Spin-off That Trains The Olympians Athletes

The robotic device hunova, created by The Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, is able to carry out complete rehabilitation programs for patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. People who…

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hunova has arrived, a robot for rehabilitation

  • ANSA Industry 4.0 - 22 March 2018
Hunova Has Arrived, A Robot For Rehabilitation

The areas of therapeutic application in the neurological field concern the outcomes of ischemic stroke with or without hemiplegia, neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, but also the orthopedic field, geriatrics…

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Future is always moving

  • Repubblica - 12 March 2018
Future Is Always Moving

Laura is a "woman who takes a hit and goes on". One day she wrote me: "I walked again, after almost three years, and shortly I will try hunova: I'm…

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