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Movendo Technology

Our history

The origins of robotic technology

The integration between research, applied technology and clinical development makes Movendo a unique reality.

The Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia IIT, leading Italian institute in the field of robotics and many other areas, such as nanotechnology, neurosciences, drug research and development, renewable energy, graphene, and computation - strives to promote excellence in basic and applied research and to improve human quality of life.

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Construction of the IIT laboratories began in 2006 and was complete by 2009.
Today there are eleven IIT research centers in Italy (in Turin, Trento, Rome, Naples, Lecce, and Ferrara, and two in both Milan and Pisa) and two outstations abroad (MIT and Harvard in the United States).

The evolution in application

In 2013, the collaboration between IIT and INAIL led to the founding of Rehab Technologies, a project intended to transform robotic technologies into high-tech industrial products for prosthesis and rehabilitation that can be more sustainable both for the healthcare system and for patients.
The goal at Rehab Technologies is to develop technologies that improve quality of life, overcoming physical and cultural barriers. Rehab Technologies is currently developing rehabilitation solutions that include: prostheses for the arm, wrist, and hand, along with prostheses for the lower limbs, rehabilitation exoskeletons, and technology for rehabilitating the lower limbs and the torso.

« The goal is to develop innovative Made in Italy technologies, from the Excellence in research towards a new way of conceiving rehabilitation »

Lorenzo De Michieli, Coordinator di Rehab Technologies IIT INAIL Lab

Movendo Technology:
developing clinical technology

Movendo Technology uses the technical expertise developed in over a decade of research from the IIT and pairs it with Rehab Technologies' focus on clinical application to create biomedical rehabilitation solutions covering assessment and intervention in orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, and sport. Born in 2016 as a spin-off from the Italian Institute of Technology, it is participated by Sergio Dompé, Simone Ungaro and IIT - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, and was funded by the group Dompé Farmaceutici group, one of the leading Italian pharmaceutical companies, to innovate in the clinical applications and to continuously develop new rehabilitation technologies.

Movendo focuses on the patient and the clinician to understand their actual rehabilitation needs and build the best technological solutions to meet their requirements. Thanks only to the close collaboration and synergistic partnerships with centers of excellence has it been possible to perfect advanced rehabilitation products that are also easy to use and can fit organically into everyday clinical practice.

These clinical-scientific collaborations have led to the creation of the world's first physiotherapeutic robotic aid: hunova.

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