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Movendo Technology


Casa di Cura Privata Le Terrazze srl

Specialties of the center: Neurology, Orthopedics

Cunardo (VA)
Via Ugo Foscolo, 6 B
21035 - Italy
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Casa di Cura Le Terrazze is an institute of hospitalization and specialized rehabilitation care. It is located in Cunardo at around 13 km from Varese. On the route from Varese to Luino, it is 65 km from Milan, 38 km from the Malpensa Airport, 7 km from the Swiss border. Built from 1990 and 1996, the Facility includes 185 beds and is developed on three floors which are easily accessible and do not present any kind of architectral barrier. Different lifts lead from the basement to the large terraces above the whole facility, from which it is possible to admire the admirable landscape around it. The large, suitably equipped garden offers more enjoyable spaces for patients, relatives and visitors. The available spaces were extended, in November 2010, with the inauguration of the new Polyclinic Area located in the basement, where they found placement, in addition to some specialized clinics, the laboratory analysis, radiology, magnetic resonance, CT and MOC. The realization of the new spaces, which are added to those already completed in the summer 2009 on the ground floor (CUP, sampling room and clinics) and on the first and second floors (inpatient ward), puts an end to the first step of the enlargement project in progress, which has made it possible to increase the number of beds available and to reorganize and improve the entire logistics of the outpatient activity.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

Hunova has been installed for the treatment of patients with disabilities in the motor and neurological fields. The precision in the detection of biomechanical parameters, the objective verification of the robotic treatment aimed at the patient, and the versatility, allows to cope with multiple conditions resulting from trauma and / or specific pathologies. The technology allows the physiotherapist to customize the activities intended for the patient and to vary the proposed exercises, involving in the rehabilitation different body areas (hip, ankle, trunk). Through visual feedback, it also stimulates the neurocognitive faculties with the advantage of making rehabilitation exercises more pleasant, which can be performed in an upright or sitting position. Between Hunova and the patient there is a real interaction that, from the point of view of functional recovery, optimizes passive mobilization exercises, neuromotor and proprioceptive recovery, and equilibrium training in variable dynamic conditions. All this happens under the precision and control of the therapeutic exercise, thanks to the accurate measurement of the parameters and the biomechanical stimuli, that the robotic platform makes available.


Head of U.O Dr. Luciano Salvato
Coordinator of Polyclinic Activities Sergio Perillo
Head of Health Rehabilitation Professions Andrea Ferri

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