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CDI Italian Diagnostic Center

Specialties of the center: Geriatrics, Orthopedics

Milan (MI)
Via Simone Saint Bon, 36
20147 - Italia‎
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The Italian Diagnostic Center, active in Milan since 1975, is a full-service outpatient health facility oriented towards prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the day hospital. It is present in Lombardy through a network of 24 structures, located in Milan, Corsico, Rho, Legnano, Cernusco sul Naviglio, Corteolona, ​​Pavia and Varese. It is ISO9000 certified and since 2006 the head office is accredited by the Joint Commission International.
More than 1,000 people work in CDI among medical specialists, health technicians, nurses and employees, serving 800,000 patients a year.
CDI is accredited with the NHS for the areas of laboratory, imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, outpatient specialists (Viale Monza, Rho and Cernusco sul Naviglio offices).
It has a private area and in agreement with the major insurance funds and an area serving companies. The CDI laboratory uses the largest automated chain in Italy to guarantee data security and at the same time, a high number of analyzes that exceeds 4 million in one year.
Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine offer the most advanced and innovative instruments: 64-layer Dual Source TAC, PET / CT, 4 Magnetic Resonances (two of which open) for a total of over 190,000 examinations reported every year. Always in search of clinical excellence, in accordance with its mission, the CDI now has two Cyberknife equipment, the revolutionary radiosurgical robot, which puts the Diagnostic Center at the forefront of cancer therapy.
Currently there are 50 services concerning numerous therapeutic areas that, thanks to the high professionalism of its doctors, CDI makes available for prevention, diagnosis and treatment for a total of over 450,000 annual services. Among these: the CDI-Check, personalized check-up, which takes place under the tutelage of a Coordinator internist specialist, Day Surgery, a surgical activity that allows the patient to go home the same day as surgery, the Consulting Center in Pathological Oncology Anatomy, a real point of reference for the second opinion of oncological pathologies.
Finally, the business area: CDI, through a technically and scientifically advanced health facility, is able to offer to the 3650 companies customers not only a service that complies with all the prescriptions of occupational health prescribed by law but also an activity of environmental monitoring and prevention courses.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

The main hunova application area at CDI is orthopedics and reumathology, even if some of our patients are also affected by geriatric and neurological diseases. hunova allows us to:

  • Perform a functional objective evaluation before starting the rehabilitation therapy and monitor the patient’s progress over time;
  • Perform a pre-surgery evaluation in patients with a surgery programme of ligament reconstruction or arthroprosthesis implant;
  • Perform exercises in a measurable, programmable and repeatable way and it gives a report that includes the person’s performance results;
  • Gives the operator a program with more than one hundred different exercises organised in functional protocols that can be performed both seated and in orthostatic position. This would allow to treat also people that can’t completely load on the lower body right after surgery. The help supplied by hunova seems to be able to accelerate the recovery time, therefore reducing the rehabilitation treatment period.
    In the sports field we could go on with a training programme before restarting the agonistic activity after an injury.

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