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Centro di Medicina Riabilitativa Sport and Anatomy

Specialties of the center: Orthopedics

Pisa (PI)
via di Gargalone 25
56122 - Italy
050 2210900-01

“Sport and Anatomy” is the Pisa University rehabilitation center. Established and launched in 2018, it represents a fundamental step in a training course started in 2007 with the activation of 3 university masters in rehabilitation. It is a brand that links the sporting gesture with the anatomical district that allows it, between the movement and the trauma, between the knowledge of the structure and the biomechanics. Our philosophy says that sports performance does not end with the athletic gesture but it begins much earlier and ends long afterwards. The structure is designed and built for the needs of the patient: from prevention to treatment, up to the achievement of the performance. “Sport and Anatomy” has 10 offices and a large gym equipped with the best equipment for functional recovery of the latest generation, through customized rehabilitation programs and innovative programs to ensure the best recovery in the shortest possible time. The structured is located near the center of Pisa, reachable from the A11 - Firenze Mare highway (Pisa Centro exit) and from the FI-PI-LI expressway (Pisa Ovest exit - Darsena Pisana). It has large parking, elevator and spaces for disabled patients or temporarily limited in motor function.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

The “Sport and Anatomy” Sports rehabilitation center of Pisa University was born for training, research and innovation in the rehabilitation field. hunova fits perfectly in our concept of "functional re-education, integrating the physiotherapist's work completely". We chose hunova because it is a tool that allows to improve the quality of functional evaluation, pre and post treatment, the proprioceptive rehabilitation and the core stability. Moreover, it follows the evolution of the rehabilitation process with objective and measurable data. hunova adapts to every type of patient and allows you to create a personalized path. Through specific exercises and visual and auditory feedback, it stimulates neurocognitive capacities. Therefore it transforms a rehabilitation work into an engaging experience for the patient, making the recovery path more enjoyable and effective.


Our team is made of 5 physiotherapists, 2 Sports Science graduates, 3 Orthopedic Doctors, 2 sonographers. Director: Prof. Marco Gesi Medical director: Dott. Marco Ghilardi Main physiotherapist: Dott.ssa Stefania Dell’ Agli

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