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CHIROS s.r.l.

Specialties of the center: Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics

Turin ()
Via Vittorio Amedeo II,8
10121 - Italy
011/ 5920324
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In the heart of Turin, easily reachable from the railway station of Porta Nuova and Porta Susa, is a point of reference in the Turin Private Healthcare.
Active since 1975, the center is specialized in Physiotherapy and Outpatient Rehabilitation. It has a Diagnostic Imaging Service and a Specialist Medical Polyclinic, CHIROS combines professionalism, the latest technology with a strong service orientation inspired by the principles of humanity and the centrality of the person. 2015 was the turning point year.
Chiros decided to offer a new multi-specialist clinic and to renovate the department dedicated to diagnostic imaging. Chiros today is a structure that has focused on excellence and quality and, precisely for this reason, has its collaborators, the best doctors and non-doctors. The radiology has been given to a team of doctors and since they have been renewed with new technologies. Since 2017 Chiros is no only physiotherapy but also multi-specialist outpatient center of excellence.
To define the Individual Rehabilitation Plan, customized in relation to its situation, the Patient is submitted to the Physiological Visit.
If a diagnostic investigation is necessary, you can take advantage of our Diagnostic Imaging Service for an immediate and in-depth diagnosis.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

Chiros has decided to acquire Hunova for its technical characteristics that make the instrument suitable for all types of patients.
Precisely this characteristic of flexibility and personalization of rehabilitation protocols has attracted the interest of Chiros rehabilitation professionals.
The Chiros Management decided to invest in this technology to improve the quality standard of the service rendered.
Hunova allows us to combine the professionalism of our physiotherapists with a unique and innovative technology confirming the excellence of our center.


Health director Dr. Sergio Pecora
Director of Physiatry Dr. Maurizio Garrone
Technical Director of Radiology Dr. Sara Garberoglio
Director of Physiotherapy Dr. Fabio Careddu

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