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Movendo Technology


Galliera Hospitals

Specialties of the center: Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics

Genoa ()
Mura Cappuccine 14
16128 - Italy
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Department: area of geriatric care, orthogeriatrics and rehabilitation

  • Geriatrics
  • Functional recovery and rehabilitation
      Department: area of specialized surgeries
      • Orthopedics of the joints

        Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

        The hunova robotic system is a rehabilitative evaluation and treatment tool that allows, using specific protocols, to evaluate the performance and follow the functional progress of the subjects treated. hunova globally records the physical and functional performance of the subject through the objective measurement of specific parameters of stability, balance, motility and reactivity, to provide the operator the indications to customize diagnostic tests and rehabilitation treatment. hunova does not replace the doctor or physiotherapist but creates a relationship of collaboration and empathy between the operator and the patient aimed at the active involvement of the user, increasing the motivations and shortening the recovery time. hunova is currently used in our Center in research and treatment protocols in the geriatric, rehabilitative, orthopedic and neurological fields. The programs currently underway with hunova are:

        • Evaluation of the risk of falling in the elderly subject;
        • Evaluation and rehabilitation training after the surgical reconstruction of anterior cruciate knee ligament
        • Evaluation and treatment of motor and / or postural disorders of patients with Parkinson's disease


        Dott. Alberto Pilotto (1) Director Dep. Dr. Francesco Vallone (2) Director Dr. Claudio Mazzola (3) Director Dr. Alberto Cella (1) Dr. Camilla Prete (1) Dr. Rita Raiteri (1) Dr. Barbara Senesi (1) Dr. Erica Tavella (1) Dr. Ekaterini Zigoura (1) Nursing Coordinator: Angela Giorgeschi (1) Nurse: Marcella Fama (1) Nurse: Annarosa Floris (1) Nurse: Alessandra Pinna (1) Nurse: Martina Vigo (1) Dr. Chrissanti Avgerinos (2) Dr. Natalia Corrieri (2) Dr. Claudia Giorgini (2) Physiotherapist Coordinator: Paola Aguzzoli (2) Physiotherapist: Gabriele Carnevali (2) Physiotherapist: Paola Crea (2) Physiotherapist: Valentina Garofalo (2) Dott. Matteo Coviello (3) Dr. Guido Damiani (3) Dr. Davide Mantovani (3) Dr. Lucio Romano (3) Dr. Federico Roncagliolo (3) Motor Sciences: dott. F.Rinzivillo (3) S.C.Geriatria (1) S.C.Recupero e functional rehabilitation (2) S.C.Orthopedics of the joints (3)

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