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Humanitas Mater Domini

Specialties of the center: Geriatrics, Orthopedics

Castellanza (VA)
Via Gerenzano, 2
21053 - Italia‎
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Humanitas Mater Domini is a private multi-specialist hospital, accredited with the National Health Service for outpatient and hospitalization activities, located in the province of Varese. Since 1997 Humanitas Mater Domini has been ISO 9001 certified to guarantee quality and safety for the care and centrality of the patient. Since 2007 it is one of the few Italian and European facilities to be accredited by Joint Commission International, an international organization and reference point for the certification of the quality of services, care and clinical services of hospital facilities in the world. In Humanitas Mater Domini more than 650 professionals, about 150 beds in total, more than 50 outpatient clinics, 10 surgery rooms, 6 inpatient wards, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, Outpatient Area (Diagnostic Imaging, Endoscopy and Laboratory Analysis), Day Hospital Oncology and Dental Center.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

In Humanitas Mater Domini, hunova's Artificial Intelligence supports specialists in the rehabilitation of orthopaedic, geriatric and sports patients. Thanks also to the support of hunova, the Hospital of Castellanza has started an innovative and unique treatment path in Lombardia for patients who need knee implants. From the surgery room to the physiotherapy gym, in fact, two robots support the specialists in all phases ensuring the patient a quick return to daily life. In orthopedic rehabilitation, hunova's Artificial Intelligence is also a valuable support for the treatment of spinal disorders. In geriatric patients, it allows to set up an increasingly personalized rehabilitation path to reduce typical falls in the elderly. In athletes, on the other hand, the robot analysis allows the specialist to define physiotherapy plans to improve athletic performance.


  • Dr. Fabio Zerbinati (Resp. Orthopedics and Orthopaedic Surgery)


  • Ph. Marco Sironi
  • Ph. Patrizia Zarconi
  • Ph. Patricio Spallarossa
  • Ph. Silvia Zibetti

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