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Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach

Specialties of the center: Neurology

Konstanz ()
Eichhornstraße 68
78464 - Germania
+49 7531 9860
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For decades, Kliniken Schmieder has been persistent in its goal of providing neurological patients with the best possible treatment. Based on constant drive for innovation and excellence, our family-run establishment (consisting of 6 different but strongly interconnected clinics) has succeeded in gaining worldwide recognition as a Competence Centre for Neurology. As quality-leader we have actively helped to shape the history of Neurological Rehabilitation and have set new medical and therapeutic standards and impulses. We treat neurological patients with all degrees of severity, mainly in Germany’s southern province Baden-Württemberg. We are internationally renown for our excellent diagnostics, therapeutic treatments, as well as our commitment to the research of neurological diseases.

    "A special focus of hunova therapy in phase C of neurology is the training of dynamic trunk stability in sitting position. Here we can create the basis for the expansion of mobility for many patients. In addition to the treatment of central nervous disorders and postural or trunk stability, the hunova therapy device is also partly used in the therapy of peripheral diseases (e.g. surgery of lumbar spinal canal stenosis). In case of advanced mobility, on the hunova device can be built a challenging therapy program for each individual patient, even in standing position. In summary, we are very satisfied with the hunova therapy device, it enriches our therapeutic spectrum."
      -Prof. Dr. Med. Michael Joebges, Head of Neurological Department

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