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neuroneum GmbH

Specialties of the center: Neurology

Bad Homburg ()
Zeppelinstraße 24
61352 - Germany
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neuroneum GmbH is a transdisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation facility in the field of neurology. Disorders include traumatic brain injury, stroke, paraplegia, Parkinson’s disease and other diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. In addition to the classical therapies, our expertise lies in robotics.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

The hunova supports the rehabilitation process of many patients in terms of balance disorders and postural control. The advantage is the direct visual and auditory feedback as well as the increase of motivation through games. It also trains the sensitivity and awareness of impaired body parts. We use hunova based on further therapies in transdisciplinary settings. Each patient is tested and re-evaluated at different intervals in order to present a process/progress. Due to the severely affected patient population it is mainly used in a sitting position, on average 1*/week per patient. For each patient an individual macro area is created and continuously modified.


"The team consists of 21 employees who work closely together in a total transdisciplinary approach. Specializations/Competencies: - Physiotherapists - occupational therapist - speech therapists - Neuropsychologists - Nutritionist Others: -Planning/Office - Drivers"

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