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Movendo Technology


Casa di Cura Stella del Mattino

Specialties of the center: Neurology, Orthopedics

Boves (CN)
Via Mellana, 7
12012 - Italy
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The structure deals with physical and rehabilitative medicine, operating in different dsciplines allergology, cardiology, vascular surgery, dermatology, dietetics, endocrinology, physiatry, gastroenterology, preventive medicine, nephrology, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pleumology, psychiatry, psychology, radiology, rheumatology and urology. In various disciplines it is possible: a specialist examination, a diagnostic examination, an instrumental test.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

Our Stella del Mattino facility has decided to equip itself with a new cutting-edge technology, aimed at diseases affecting the lower limbs and spine; Being hunova a robotic device for rehabilitation and functional and sense-motor evaluation (lower limbs and trunk), the structure has evaluated that this new instrument could answer to needs not covered by other technologies on the market; This technology is used within our structure: for the rehabilitation of ankle, lower limbs, spine and core stability training for the treatment of patients both in standing and sitting for rehabilitation and functional and sense-motor evaluation (lower limbs and trunk).


The rehabilitation team consists of the following physiotherapists and physiatrists: Andreis Enrica (physiotherapist), Gulisano Antonella Giusi (physiotherapist), Oliva Mattia (physiotherapist), Simondi Luca (physiotherapist), Dardanelli Marta (physiotherapist), Margaria Daniela (physiotherapist), Ugliengo Marco (physiotherapist), Bessone Daniele (physiotherapist), Zuccaro Paolo (physiotherapist), Imbrenda Caterina (physiotherapist), Chiapello Sara (physiotherapist), Costamagna Chiara (physiotherapist), 13 Tessari Paolo (physiatrist), 14 Robbiani Giovanna (physiatrist), 15 Melis Daniela Sara (physiatrist)

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