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Physiokinesiterapeutic Studio Riattiva

Specialties of the center: Orthopedics

Lavagna (GE)
Via E. Toti 3
16033 - Italy
+39 0185 314691
+39 0185 1771400
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The Studio Fisiokinesiterapico started its activity in 1997 in Chiavari, becoming over the years the center of reference in Tigullio for rehabilitation. Since 2006 he has moved to Lavagna with innovative spaces and equipment and specialized professional figures. The center deals with rehabilitation therapies, elaborating concrete proposals according to the development that Physiotherapy has undergone during the last decade.
The patient is followed and treated with a detailed rehabilitation program to obtain results that are more and more in line with the patient's expectations. In this way we can expand the positive results of the various therapeutic interventions. Studio Fisiokinesiteraperico Riattiva is spread over 600 sqm on the ground floor. In front of the main entrance there is a private parking reserved for doctors and patients. The structure is equipped with access and spaces organized for disabled patients or temporarily limited in motor functionality.

Why hunova and how is technology used in the center

Riattiva is a center specialized in orthopedic rehabilitation, from professional and amateur sportsmen, to the rehabilitation of column pathologies. We needed a reliable high-performance tool that could improve our practice.
We have chosen and participated in the creation of hunova in particular to improve the evaluation and the proprioceptive rehabilitation. Two years of intense work and collaboration that have produced an excellent work realized in the implementation of the hunova software especially dedicated to orthopedic rehabilitation, which will be the subject of continuous improvement. hunova is therefore used in all those cases in which it is necessary to evaluate the proprioception and train it, therefore it covers very large areas, from rehabilitation after reconstruction of the ACL, to low back pain, including also the post-prosthetic rehabilitation of both knee and hip.
The body areas of ankle, knee and hip can be evaluated, tested and trained through exercises in closed kinetic chain and exercises in partial and total load, while for the trunk it allows to intervene on the posture of the subject and on muscle strengthening and stabilization of the core. hunova represents the elite for the rehabilitation of the ankle, in its various diseases, such as ankle sprain, which affects people of all ages. hunova is also used as a main tool, in association with other tests, for the assessment of the accident risk.


Domitilla Zolezzi
Diploma I.S.E.F.
Rehabilitation Therapist
6° year I.C.O.M.M. Ostheopaty
Luigi Lauricella
Rehabilitation Therapist
Physical education therapist
Alice Galli
Rehabilitation Therapist
Riccardo Isidori
Rehabilitation Therapist
6°Year I.C.O.M.M. Ostheopaty
Valentina Chiesa
Rehabilitation Therapist
4° year A.b.e. OS Osteopathy School
Andrea Fochi
Rehabilitation Therapist
Giulia Federici
Rehabilitation Therapist

Motor rehabilitation
Mara Giosa
Physical education therapist
Pilates and postural exercise
Carlotta Grimaldi
Physical education therapist
Pilates and postural exercise
Francesca Scotto
Physical education therapist
Federico Zunino
Physical education therapist
Medical Director
Dott. Simone Cappato
Orthopedics and traumatology specialist

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