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Movendo Technology: the first test in the world that prevents elderly’s falls is born

  • Press releases - 13 June 2019

Il test, basato su 130 parametri clinici e robotici, viene realizzato in 20 minuti dal robot hunova.

The silver index has been developed in 36 months together with specialists of Ospedali Galliera in Genoa, on a population of 150 elderlies.

About 37 million people worldwide require medical attention following falls every year. In Europe the phenomenon affects 2.3 million people.

Genoa 13th June 2019 – 20 minutes of test are enough to prevent elderly falls, the second death cause (after car accidents) and disability worldwide for people over 65 (World Health Organization). The event involves 37 million people worldwide, every year. The European Public health Association estimates that every year in Europe more than 2.3 million people access the ER following an accidental fall. 1.5 million of these are hospitalized, with a high percentage of people maintaining a disability over time, due to impaired mobility.

The silver index is the first objective, clinically tested exam, that enables to predict and prevent falls in the elderly and, at the same time, allows to suggest a personalized training and rehabilitation path. The test is based on an algorithm which, through a robotic evaluation, summarizes and improves the clinical scales in use (Short Physical Performance Battery, Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment, Timed Up & Go Test), allowing to have an objective and personalized evaluation of the falls risk in about 20 minutes. The test uses 130 control parameters.

“ The silver index – says Simone Ungaro, founder and CEO of Movendo Technology – is the first of a series of algorithms that Movendo Technology is developing in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applied to people’s clinical data. The purpose is to develop a line of solutions based on people’s age and lifestyle in order to facilitate a prevention path based on prediction and not on mere forecasting. This solution, together with others, is radically changing the approach to health, shifting the attention to the issue of prevention, with positive effects in different areas such as insurance and welfare in general ”.

The silver index test is progressive and measure all the biomechanical and neurological parameters of a person at the same time, simulating all the perturbation elements, static and dynamic, that are source of the fall in a controlled way, highlighting case by case the specific deficit of the person and the respective rehabilitation path.

In particular, the elderly using hunova is exposed to many balance and dynamic conditions, both in standing and seated configuration. In every moment hunova measures and evaluates the biomechanical response of the person in an objective and personalized way. It goes from the maintenance of the balance, up to gradually more dynamic situations, with an increase of the perturbative influence, in order to evaluate in safety every stability limits of the person.

At the end of the test, hunova creates a detailed report of the person’s biomechanical “health condition”, highlighting the deficient functional areas. This, together with the assessments made by the clinical specialists, allows to design a personalised therapeutic path to prevent falls.

The two distinguishing features of hunova are the collection and objective calculation of the biomechanical parameters of the human being and the high level of support and robotics intervention that simplify, guides and encourages the patient with rehabilitation protocols that look like video games (interactive video games). This technology makes it possible to treat most of the body ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, trunk, vestibular system and cognitive system.

Il silver index è stato realizzato in 36 mesi di ricerca e sviluppo insieme alla struttura Ospedali Galliera di Genova, con una popolazione di 150 pazienti. Il robot hunova è già stato utilizzato con oltre 5000 pazienti in ospedali e centri specializzati nel mondo in ambito ortopedico, neurologico, geriatrico, pediatrico e sportivo. Il risultato degli studi clinici nel tempo è stato lo sviluppo di oltre 200 esercizi e oltre 30 protocolli sia per la prevenzione che per i trattamenti di riabilitazione. In questo modo Movendo Technology assiste lo staff medico e fisioterapico nella nuova frontiera del trattamento specializzato, restituendo un importante set di dati oggettivi e riscontri quantitativi fino ad oggi non identificati, migliorando in questo modo sia l’efficacia che l’efficienza del processo riabilitativo complessivo.

Movendo Technology – 51% Dompé holdings, 42% gli inventori fondatori Simone Ungaro, Carlo Sanfilippo e Jody Saglia, 7% IIT, Istituto italiano di tecnologia – è a 2 anni dall’inizio dell’attività industriale e commerciale una medical company di riferimento nel settore della robotica riabilitativa internazionale. Ad oggi sono utilizzati nel Mondo più di 70 robot hunova: l’Italia con più di 30 unità, la Germania in cui le installazioni fatte sono vicine alle 10 unità, Stati Uniti, Olanda, Repubblica Ceca, Grecia e Dubai

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