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Movendo Technology

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Movendo Technology: the 4.0 industry is born

  • Press releases - 20 May 2017

Movendo Technology, the first start up owned by the Italian Institute of Technology (7%), Sergio Dompé (50%) and the founders Simone Ungaro, Jody Saglia and Carlo Sanfilippo (43%), presented today, in preview to the scientific community, as well as to the managers of some of the main companies active in the medical field, hunova, the first rehabilitation robot that allows doctors and physiotherapists to measure, predict and prevent many diseases of orthopedics and neurology, with important benefits also in the geriatric and sports fields.

At the presentation were present, among the others, Gabriele Galateri di Genola President of IIT, Roberto Cingolani Scientific Director of IIT, Giorgio Metta Deputy Scientific Director of IIT, Sergio Dompé Entrepreneur and investor/President of Movendo Technology, Simone Ungaro Ceo of Movendo Technology, Michael Jobges Chairman of the Dutch Company of Neurotraumatology and Clinical Neurorehabilitation (Germany), Roberto Gatti Head of Humanitas Physiotherapy, Franco Molteni Rehabilitation Medicine Director at Villa Beretta, Michele Spinelli Director of the Niguarda Spinal Unit, Giuseppe Banfi, Scientific Director of the Galeazzi Institute,the INAIL team of physiatrists, Fondazione ONLUS Nemo, Ospedale Galliera di Genova, Ospedale Santa Corona di Pietra Ligure, Mariuccia Rossini President and Ceo of Korian Italy, Giovanni Gianolli Ceo of Synlab Group, Managers of Centro Diagnostico Italiano, Kos Group, Alberto Oliveti President  of the ENPAM, Bruno Turchetta Director of Top Physio and Director of the Rehabilitation at Villa Stuart, the medical and sports trainers of Genoa and Sampdoria.

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