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Novel A.I.- based algorithm for falls prediction for adults over 65 years

  • Prnewswire - 8 September 2020
pr newswire

MOVENDO TECHNOLOGY develops the silver index, a novel A.I.- based
algorithm to accurately predict and prevent the risk of falls in the elderly.

30% of people over 65 suffer from falls each year, which represent the second leading cause of accidental injury and death worldwide. In Europe, the European Public Health Association estimates that over 36,000 people die each year as a result of an accidental fall. Of these, 2.3 million go to the emergency room and 1.5 million are hospitalized, 650 thousand die. In the US, older adult falls cost about $50 billion a year.

Movendo Technology, in collaboration with Galliera Hospital in Genoa, Italy under the scientific supervision of Prof. Pilotto, concluded a 2-year clinical trial with 150 elderly patients published in the PLOS ONE magazine recently, leading to the silver index. The silver index is an objective measure predicting the risk of falls in elderly people and suggesting specific exercises and protocols aimed at minimizing the identified fall risk. Core of the 20-minute short evaluation is a proprietary A.I.- based algorithm combining the robotic measurements of hunova , summarizing the existing clinical scales and providing an objective report with a personalized risk of falls map. By objectively evaluating 130 parameters in a routine of 7 exercises and evaluations, the silver index is able to predict with the 95% accuracy the elderly’s risk of falls, a 15% improvement of traditional evaluation protocols. The system is measuring a person’s biomechanical and neurological parameters in seated and standing position while simulating static and dynamic “perturbative” elements responsible for falls. This highlights the individual’s specific deficits and the resulting personalized rehabilitation intervention.

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