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Press Review

Movendo and Kessler Foundation Partner to Improve Recovery After Brain Injury and Stroke

  • - 15 September 2020
movendo e kessler

BOSTON – (Business Wire) – Movendo Technology has partnered with Kessler Foundation to explore potential applications for Movendo’s robotic platform hunova in rehabilitation research in populations with balance deficits caused by neurological illness or injury and aging. At Kessler Foundation, the hunova is being integrated into on-going clinical trials in brain injury and stroke, according to research scientist Rakesh Pilkar, PhD, in the Center for Mobility and Rehabilitation Engineering Research. Dr. Pilkar directs the Center’s Balance Assessment and Training Laboratory. hunova is a programmable robotic medical device consisting of two independent electromechanical movable platforms, one at foot level and one at seat level. The device, which can deliver more than 200 exercises for postural control, balance, core stability and proprioception, operates in active, passive, and assistive modes.

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