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Press Review

Knee prosthesis: from surgery to physiotherapy, two robots to support doctors

  • Humanitas Mater Domini - Press Review - 10 September 2020
Immagine 2020-09-14 114455

The treatment path for patients who need the prosthesis implant ends with the rehabilitation path. In Humanitas Mater Domini is now available hunova, the latest generation robot that works closely with the physiotherapist. Integrating mechatronics, electronics and Artificial Intelligence, the new robot allows to analyze the patient, measuring 130 biomechanical parameters regarding speed, strength and precision of movement and acquiring 19 thousand data related to motor quality. “Based on the collected data, the physiotherapist can make a specific evaluation of the parameters concerning the quality of the patient’s movement, in order to define personalized rehabilitation paths. Artificial Intelligence also allows to monitor more scientifically the improvements achieved by the patient and to identify areas that need a further or different approach”, explains Patricio Spallarossa, physiotherapist of Humanitas Mater Domini.

The article is presented in Italian Language.

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