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Movendo Technology

Press Review

Movendo launches AI to predict and prevent falls for seniors

  • Health Tech Pulse - 9 September 2020
Annotazione 2020-09-09 143312

Movendo Technology, which develops robotics for rehabilitation, has launched the Silver Index, an AI-based algorithm that helps to predict and prevent the risk of falls for senior citizens. The technology is the result of a two-year research programme with 150 patients carried out in collaboration with Galliera Hospital in Genoa, Italy. The assessment uses hunova, Movendo’s robotic rehabilitation device. hunova is currently used for neurological patients in stroke recovery, in orthopaedics, for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening, and now in geriatrics, enabling therapists to work on postural control, proprioception and balance.

Evaluations are divided into a routine of 7 different exercises which measure the limits of stability and balance and sit-to-stand repetitions, whilst simulating the perturbative elements that could lead to a dangerous fall. The diagnostic evaluation will then create a guide of identified problem areas and targeted exercise treatments to mitigate the impacts of fall risks.

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