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Movendo Technology


The most advanced technologies
for people.

Movendo Technology develops medical devices that use the most advanced technologies at the service of human kind - effective, simple to use, and easy to interact with. They were created in Italy, with the taste for aesthetics and design the country is famous for, but they are also designed around the needs of all those who might need them, wherever they are, and using the best technology available around the world.

« I have invested the last ten years of my professional life to building and developing the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), a leading global center for applied technology. Humanoid robotics is the most important area where IIT has proved its excellence, recognized by the top research institutes and consortia around the globe. In the last five years, advances in technology have opened up opportunities to develop new robotic systems dedicated to people - systems that have the potential to revolutionize the world of rehabilitation and scientific wellness. A group of directors at IIT decided to take on a stimulating new challenge: to bring this technology to market. They decided to found an innovative medical company with help from an investor in the world of biopharmaceuticals. We've named this company Movendo Technology.” »

Simone Ungaro, CEO and Co-founder of Movendo Technology

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