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performance index

robotics to improve and assess the performance

An optimal solution for all athletes, amateurs and professionals. With a view to increasing performance and of physical performances comparison with the aim to optimise it.

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Clinical study

The performance index was born from a close collaboration with the team of athletic trainers and physiotherapists of a series A soccer team evaluated and treated during a sporting season.

The multidisciplinary group identified the functional areas related to the athlete's physical performance and identified the tests that best evaluated each area.

The performance index is used along with hunova and huno, its orthopedic version. The technology has already evaluated and treated over 5,000 patients in hospitals and specialized centers all over the world in orthopedic, neurological. geriatric, pediatric and sports fields.

The index of performance evaluation

The performance index is a total body evaluation index that aims to evaluate and compare the patient's performance with the results of the best performing subjects. The performance index is an optimal solution for all athletes, amateurs and professionals, with a view to increasing athletic performance and of physical performances comparison and confront it with that of highly performing subjects with the aim to optimize it.

By working specifically on balance and proprioception, it is possible to treat those musculoskeletal disorders that are one of the primary causes of accidents 1· 2 and absences at work.


The performance index is multi-sport thanks to the following:
• quick and non-invasive screening
• automatic generation of the overall performance
• personalized training based on objective data

The performance index is calculated as a combination of the results of the evaluations grouped in 7 areas. The performance index, in case of a deficit in one or more functional areas, suggests the best preventive strategy focusing the treatments in those areas where the robotic evaluation has found a performance which is not excellent.

Training suggestions

Depending on the deficits found in the evaluation, the algorithm proposes a personalized training on a specific functional area, based on the severity of the subject's deficit (red, orange, yellow, green). The performance index covers different functional areas and gives an indication of which of these has a poorer outcome and therefore which aspect should be better trained to maximize one's performance. The normative data ranges are those relating to the most performing subjects who have carried out the test on the device.

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