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The best way to get to know our assessment indexes and the essential features of our robotic technology is to try it out first-hand.

Movendo Technology therefore allows potential users to familiarize with hunova in the first person, through its “hunovan”, the mobile demo unit that allows us to illustrate the functions of hunova directly in rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

Although, in compliance with COVID-19 containment regulations, the hunovan can currently accommodate only a limited number of people, it has the important advantage of Movendo staff not having to go into hospital and rehabilitation facilities and allows medical professionals to see the technology in action in complete safety, without having to arrange dedicated internal visits.

In response to the current pandemic-related restrictions, we also worked on the implementation of remote demos, directly from our Genoa offices, using a two-camera audiovisual platform that allows clinicians to learn about the technology by connecting from a remote computer.

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