fall prevention

Prediction-based personalized prevention, from assessment to treatment

The silver index provides a controlled simulation of the external risk factors that cause falls, by stimulating the various mechanisms on which balanced is based, it also, enables the selective measurement of the various types of impairment to allow clinicians to customize rehabilitation therapy. Drawing on artificial intelligence and specific machine learning algorithms, the silver index integrates the most selective biomechanical and clinical parameters to achieve a highly accurate degree of prediction for fall risk.

people worldwide require medical attention following falls
in Europe go to the Emergency Department as a result of a fall
in Europe have to be admitted to hospital
people worldwide lose their lives as a result of a fall (of which 36,000 in Europe)

silver index

The study

The study behind the silver index, which was conducted as part of a 36-month research and development partnership with Ospedali Galliera in Genoa, has been validated by both publication in the scientific journal PlosONE and clinical use by Movendo’s partners.

The silver index has already been used to assess and treat more than 5,000 patients worldwide, in hospitals and healthcare facilities specializing in orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and sports medicine.

The silver index is compatible with hunova, huno and huno S devices.

The data obtained from clinical trials has been used to develop more than 200 exercises and 30 dedicated prevention and rehabilitation protocols.

Accurate, non-invasive assessments with real-time reporting in just 20 minutes!
95% reliability vs the 81% reliability of conventional assessments*
*“Non-cross validated/overfitted model”


Accurate, non-invasive assessment.

The predictive and preventive index

The silver index is an objective and personalized test able to predict and prevent falls in individuals over 65 years of age.

The algorithm-based test provides a robotic assessment that summarizes and integrates the scales used in clinical practice, such as the 6-meter walk test and the Sit-to-Stand test, to provide an objective and personalized fall risk assessment in under 20 minutes.

Results and treatment

Once the fall risk rate has been determined, the silver index suggests the best prevention strategy by focusing treatment on those areas in which the robotic assessment identified deficits.

Movendo Technology supports medical and physical therapy professionals in the new frontier of individualized treatment, by providing a valuable set of objective data and quantitative feedback that makes prediction and prevention the fulcrum of the rehabilitation process.

The path

Graphical representation of the functional deficits of the areas analyzed using the silver index


Fall risk rate indicated in the report.

Benefits summary

The silver index affords considerable reductions in evaluation times, by concentrating into just 20 minutes assessments that would require more than two hours with a standard clinical approach.

The benefits for the patient

The benefits for the facility

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Product technical data

  • Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 71 inches (140 x 140 x 180 cm)
  • Net weight: 441 lbs (200 Kg)
  • Maximum patient weight : 331 lbs (150 Kg)
  • Maximum input power:
    • 1400 VA (for SN>=190)
    • 2500 VA (for SN<=189)
  • Power supply voltage: 115/230 Vac.
  • Nominal frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Maximum angular speed: 180 °/s.
  • Maximum inclination of bipodalic platform in all directions: ±18°
  • Maximum inclination of monopodalic platform in ankle configuration (sitting):
    • Plantar flexion/extension: ±30°;
    • External flexion/extension: ±18°;
  • Maximum inclination of monopodalic platform in standing position:
    • Plantar flexion/extension: ±18°;
    • External flexion/extension: ±18°;
  • Maximum robotic seat inclination:
    • Sagittal plane: ±13°;
    • Frontal plane: ±13°
  • Maximum transmissible torque, seat and platform: 200 Nm.
  • Torso sensor battery APC0000500
    • Power supply voltage and capacity: 3,7 Vdc 1000mAh
  • Torso sensor battery AME0000004
    • Power supply voltage and capacity: 3,7 Vdc 1000mAh
  • Operating temperature: 50° F (10° C) to 86° F (30° C)
  • Storage temperature: 50° F (-20° C) to 86° F (70° C)
  • Ambient relative humidity: 30 to 75% non-condensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: No effect
  • Altitude: Maximum 6561 ft (2000 m)