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Gruppo Korian – Centro Sanem Somalia

Gruppo Korian - Centro Sanem Somalia

Facility specializing in: Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics
Index / License: Silver Index, Performance Index
PThe Orthopedic Rehabilitation service of Poliambulatorio Sanem Somalia deals both with the recovery of patients with functional motor skills reduced or lost due to disease or trauma, and with the maintenance and recovery of functions that are weakening in the course of chronic diseases. There are several examinations indicated for Orthopedic Rehabilitation including the physiatric examination that aims to assess the disorders of the osteoarticular system following orthopedic surgery or inflammatory processes or trauma. The podiatric examination, on the other hand, treats all pathologies related to the foot or the patient can undergo a physical medicine and rehabilitation examination to resolve problems related to orthopedic pathologies.


Viale Somalia, 108, 00199 Roma RM
Ph: + 39 06 860 0604



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