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Gruppo KOS – Istituto di Riabilitazione Santo Stefano

Gruppo KOS - Istituto di Riabilitazione Santo Stefano

Facility specializing in: Neurology, Orthopedics
Santo Stefano Riabilitazione offers personalized rehabilitation interventions characterized by high specialization and multidisciplinary approach, with the aim of maximum functional recovery, enhancement of residual skills and social reintegration. The healthcare team verifies the impact of the disability also in relation to the territory and the environment in which the patient must be reintegrated. The modern conception of rehabilitation is that of a process during which a person is brought to the best level of life possible. In fact, the rehabilitation process also involves the family of the disabled person and those close to him/her, and therefore concerns not only strictly clinical aspects, but also psychological and social ones.


Via Aprutina, 194, 62018 Porto Potenza Picena MC
Ph: +39 0733 6891



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