Affiliated Facilities

Villa Beretta

Facility specializing in: Neurology
Index / License: Silver Index, Performance Index
Villa Beretta is a facility dedicated to Rehabilitation Medicine, a specialist branch of medicine aimed at recovering the best possible level of function for people with problems resulting from disabilities caused by congenital or acquired diseases. This complex activity, centred on the person, the family of the disabled person and the social nucleus to which they belong, aims to improve the capacity for independent living, social participation and quality of life in order to concretely guarantee the dignity of the person. There is a specific operational plan for each individual, coordinated by the Physicians specialising in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which is expressed in diagnosis and treatment programmes with the support of other specialist medical branches.


Via N. Sauro, 17, 23845 Costa Masnaga LC
Ph: +39 031 854 4211



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