Affiliated Facilities

Villa dei Geranei

Facility specializing in: Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics
Villa dei Gerani is a private multi-specialty medical-surgical-rehabilitation Institute that welcomes patients with secondary disabilities who require an intensive rehabilitation program aimed at recovering independence in activities of daily living. Within the Department, surgical patients are treated for traumatic pathologies of the muscular-skeletal apparatus of the upper and lower limbs or for chronic degenerative pathologies based on arthrosis. In addition to the normal equipment in the possession of the Treatment Center for routine use in its daily activities, are available for the specific rehabilitation activities, staff with a degree in physical therapy and two gyms equipped for carrying out rehabilitation treatment.


Via S. Domenico Savio, 10, 89900 Vibo Valentia VV
Ph: +39 0963 547556



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