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Movendo Technology

silver index

Predict and prevent the risk of falls

Personalized rehabilitation, from evaluation to treatment.

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37 mln
People in the world who require medical attention following falls per year
1.5 mln
People in Europe who require hospitalization per year
2.3 mln
People in Europe who access the emergency room following an accidental fall per year
People in the world who lose their lives as a result of falls

Clinical study

Carried out in 36 months of research and development together with Ospedali Galliera di Genova. It is used along with hunova and huno, its orthopedic version. The technology has already evaluated and treated over 5,000 patients in hospitals and specialized centers all over the world in orthopedic, neurological, geriatric, pediatric and sports fields. The result of clinical studies over time has been the development of over 200 exercises and 30 dedicated protocols for prevention and rehabilitation treatments.

The predictive and preventive index

silver index simulates the static and dynamic “perturbative” elements at the origin of falls in a controlled way, highlighting the specific deficiency of the person and the relative personalized rehabilitative intervention.

The evaluation is progressive and thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence with its machine learning algorithms, the best biomechanical and clinical parameters have been selected to obtain the most accurate prediction degree.

« silver index is the first of a series of algorithms that Movendo Technology is developing in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applied to people’s clinical data. The purpose is to develop a line of solutions based on people’s age and lifestyle in order to facilitate a prevention path based on prediction and not on mere forecasting. This solution, together with others, is radically changing the approach to health, shifting the attention to the issue of prevention, with positive effects in different areas such as insurance and welfare in general »

Simone Ungaro, Movendo Technology CEO & Co-Founder

silver index is an objective test that enables to predict and prevent falls risk in people over 65.

The test is based on an algorithm, which through a robotic evaluation summarizes and improves the clinical scales in use (Short Physical Performance Battery, Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment, Timed Up & Go Test), allowing to have an objective evaluation and personalized on the risk of falls.

It takes ONLY 20 MINUTES and gives immediate report!
95% reliability compared to 81% of traditional assessments

Results and Treatment

Once the percentage of the risk of falls is obtained, silver index suggests the best preventive strategy focusing the treatments in those areas where the robotic evaluation has found a deficit.

Movendo Technology assists the medical and physiotherapy staff in the new frontier of specialized treatment, returning an important set of objective data and quantitative findings to date not identified, thus improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall rehabilitation process.

Benefits for everyone

Thanks to silver index evaluation times are drastically reduced which allows to condense in 20 minutes what with a standard clinical evaluation would require more than two hours.


  • Greater accuracy in predicting the risk of falls
  • Less visit time than traditional evaluations
  • Objective and real-time report
  • Personalized rehabilitation program


  • Opportunity to evaluate more patients per day
  • Reimbursement recognized by tariff nomenclatures
  • Possibility to increase the patients’ target
  • Return on investment starting from 3 evaluations per week
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